AB-1650 Super Stat Mini PID

AB-1650 Super Stat Mini PID is a temperature control unit for electrophoresis equipment .

Cooling circulator for closed systems can be used in enzymatic reaction, preserving activity, electrophoresis like SSCP, which needs temperature control.

AB-1650 Super Stat Mini PID  Cooling Circulator 

AB-1650 Super Stat Mini PID  Cooling Circulator

Purpose and Application

Temperature control in experiment of electrophoresis, enzymatic reaction, etc.

  • Wide temperature range from -20 to +80C
  • Digital PID Control with highly precise temperature adjustment (±0.05 –   0.1C)
  • Circulation for an external bath or jacket (closed system)
  • Breaker for short circuit/overcurrent, water level sensor, overheat alarm
Product Number AB-1650
Product Name Super Stat Mini PID
Temperature Range -20°C – +80°C
Precision of Temperature ±0.05°C – 0.1°C Minimum Scale 0.1°C
Temperature Display Set Temperature/Actual Temperature
Temperature Control Digital PID (P: Proportional, I: Integral, D: Differential)
Heater 500W (SUS Spiral Sheath Heater)
Cooler Brushless DC Inverter 270W Coolant: R134a
Cooler Capacity 550W (473kcal/h at 24°C) 50Hz
Circulator Pump Capacity Max Flow Rate: 4L/min (50Hz)
Vertical Maximum Pump Height 3.5m Magnet Shield Pump
Stirring Pump Induction Motor / Screw Stirrer
Circulator Nozzle 360° Rotating L Nozzle Outer Diameter Φ 10.6 mm (Inner Diameter Φ 8 – 10 mm)
Water Bath Dimension 150 mm (W) × 120 mm (D) × 150 mm (H) about 3.5L
Security System Short Circuit / Overcurrent Breaker, Float Sensor for Boil Dry Prevention, High/Low Level, Compressor Overheating Prevention, Compressor Protection Circuit
Options Flow Rate Sensor, Flow Monitor, Flow Control Valve, Strainer
Materials Water Bath: SUS, Neoprene, Plumbing: Neoprene, Brass, Cooling Coil: Copper
Heater: SUS Circulator Pump: Brass, Float: SUS, Polypropylene
Exterior: SPC Melamine Baking
Environmental Temperature/Humidity 0°C – 30°C Relative Humidity should be under 85% (no condensation)
Power AC100V 50/60Hz Max about 8.5A
Dimensions 198mm(W)×431mm(D)×436mm(H)
Weight About 22kg
Standard Accessories Insulation Hose (x2), Drainage Hose, Operation Manual