AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR

Luminescencer NIR is the new type of single tube luminometer in photon counting method and wide wavelength range between 350-900nm.

AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR 

AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR

Purpose and Application
  • Single,Dual and Triple Reporter assay
  •   Transcriptional factor activity,
  •   Gene expression(Transfection,RNAi,etc)
  • ATP assay
  • Autophagy
  • High-sensitivity Immunoassay
  • Antioxidant activity
Product Summary

Luminescencer NIR(AB-2280) is the new type of single tube luminometer in photon counting method and wide wavelength range between 350-900nm. It has been improved to measure more wide wabelength range which covers near-infrared light (NIR) accurately retaining the high sensitivity and wide dynamic range of conventional luminometer.

Luminescencer NIR can measure target molecules better than conventional luminometers since Near-infrared light can penetrate biological tissues such as skin and blood more efficiently. Besides, a bioluminescent reagents ordnary use as a normal luminometer and it may same level of precision and same sensitivity.


Luminescencer NIR

Product Number AB-2280
Product Name Luminescencer NIR
Sample format φ12×55 mm tubes / 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes
Detector Photomultiplier (PMT)
Photon counting methods
Spectral range 350 – 900 nm
Filters F0: no filter, F1: 560nm LP, F2: 600nm LP
Color separation Up to three luminescence colors can be separated with automatic filter change mechanism
Injectors Built-in plunger type (25 – 300 μL) 25 μL steps
Printer Built-in thermal printer 24 digits
Temperature control
(Optional equipment)
Ambient +5°C – 40°C
Data saving 200 files of measurement results, 9 files of calibration curve
Exporting and data saving to PC through Windows interface program
Power AC 100-120 or 200-240 V, 50/60Hz, 50 VA
Dimensions 250(W)×310(D)×176(H) mm
Weight 7.5 kg

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