AC-5700P MicroCollector

AC-5700P MicroCollector for liquid chromatography or preparative electrophoresis (NATIVEN)

AC-5700P MicroCollector
AC-5700P MicroCollector
Purpose and Application

MicroCollector is a fraction collector for liquid chromatography or preparative electrophoresis (NATIVEN), fraction size of which is less than 1 mL. Microtiter plate (96/48/24/12 well) can be used.

  • 1mL tube x96 included
  • Microtiter plate (96/48/24/12 well)
  • Suitable for preparative electrophoresis (NATIVEN)
  • Manual fractionation is available
  • 3-way electromagnetic valve equipped
Product Number AC-5700P
Product Name MicroCollector
Stage drive X-Y motor driven (dispenser nozzle speed: less than 0.4s/10mm)
Display 40 characters x 2 lines  LCD (with EL back light)
Fraction Tube
  1. microtiter plate (96/48/24/12 well) optional
  2. 1 mL polypropylene tube (96 tubes) per case as standard accessories
  3. 3.5 mL glass tube (φ10×75mm) (48 tubes) optional
  4. 9 mL glass tube (φ15×75mm) (24 tubes) optional
Fraction method Continuous Fractionation: Timer: from 1 to 999 seconds/drop: from 1 to 999 drops
(Count speed: 2 drops/second max)
Manual fractionation of peak eluent
Repeated fractionation-wait cycle with STEP key
Input method Numeric input with arrow key (up or down) / mode selection
Input signal Start, Reset, Step
Output signal/Output Step Signal, Marker signal, Start signal, End signal,
DC power for elctromagnetic valves,
AC power for pump (1A max)
Temperature Range 4 – 40°C (Cold Room)
Nozzle material Vinyl chloride, Teflon, Polypropylene, Delrin, Silicon (all parts exposed to liquid are made of Teflon)
Power AC100V±15V  50/60Hz ・ 20VA
Dimensions 240mm(W)×220mm(D)×185mm(H)  ・
Weight 3.6 kg

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