AE-1410 EzRun

AE-1410 EzRun is an electrophoresis buffer for SDS-PAGE of proteins and applicable to Laemmli’s method.

AE-1410 EzRun
AE-1410 EzRun
Purpose and Application
  • Separation of Proteins
  • Easily prepared by just dissolving with distilled water
  • Powder form saves space and allows long storage
  • Prepared to your desired volume and concentration
  • Low running cost
Product Number AE-1410
Product Name EzRun
Major components Tris, glycine and SDS
(final concentrations of 25 mM Tris,192 mM glycine and 0.1% SDS)
Form Powder/bag
Method of use Dissolve powder with distilled water to a final volume of 1 L, you have X 10 stock solution
Applicable amount Serve 10L (20 runs with ATTO Mini Slab Chamber)
Storage period At room temperature for 2 years (powder) or 6 months (solution)

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