AE-1435 EzApply 2D Kit

AE-1435 EzApply 2D Kit is designed to extract proteins from mammalian tissues/cells in a serial manner and prepare samples for 2-D electrophoresis.

AE-1435 EzApply 2D Kit
AE-1435 EzApply 2D Kit
Purpose and Application
  • Extraction of Proteins from Mammalian cell or tissue cultures
  • 2D electrophoresis sample buffer
  • Separate extraction allows higher protein concentration per gel, spot detection is easy.
  • Reducing reagent, alkylating reagent, washing buffer and stratified solutions are also incorporated into a kit
  • Low running cost, while allowing short-time extraction and easy sample preparation
  • Combination use with AE-1430EzApply (sample preparation kit for SDS-PAGE) makes it applicable to SDS-PAGE as well as 2-D electrophoresis.
Product Number AE-1435  
Product Name EzApply2DKit
Major components Wash buffer
Solution 1
Solution 2
Alkylated reagent
Stratified solutions
Tris, NaCl
Tris, Ampholine , DTT
Urea, thiourea, surfactant,
Ampholine , DTT
Acrylamide, BPB
Manner of package Solution/30 mL bottle x 2
Solution/20 mL bottle
Solution/10 mL bottle
Solution/1 mL tube
Solution/500 μL tube
(Wash Buffer)
(Solution 1)
(Solution 2)
(Alkylated reagent)
(Stratified solution)
Method of use Appropriate amount of solution is applied to tissues or cells, which were lysed and extracted.
Applicable amount Extracted from 100 mg of mammalian tissue 20 runs.
Storage period Frozen at -20ºC for 6 months (before dissolved with DTT) or 1 week after dissolved with DDT

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