AE-6111 Agarose EP Kit

AE-6111 Agarose EP Kit is an electrophoresis system with buffer recirculation for submerged, horizontal agarose gel.

Submerged, horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis one of the primary tools for molecular biology, as an easy, economic and efficient technique for separation of nucleic acids as well as analysis of PCR-amplified fragments. UV transparent gel tray for ease of gel viewing. Comb teeth designed to provide sharp band.
Buffer recirculation ports to afford recirculation or cooling of buffer to avoid interference in separation. 12 x 16cm gel with 26 or 13 wells per comb (AE-6111).

AE-6111 Agarose EP Kit
Purpose and Application

For separation of nucleic acids as well as analysis of PCR-amplified fragments.

  • Easy-to-use size, small/middle sized electrophoresis chamber
  • UV light transmission gel rack
  • Gel cavity (hole) (AE-6100) or groove (AE-6111) from which gel does not slip out is furnished.
  • New shaped sample comb produces sharp band images, and No. of double blade type specimens/band width are selectable.
Product number AE-6111
Product name Agarose EP Kit
Gel size 120mm(W)×160mm(L)  up to 8mm(T)
Sample comb 1mm 26/13-well double teeth comb (well width: 3 and 6mm)
Buffer volume 700~1200mL (According to gel thickness)
Buffer circulation Available to connect external circulater
Material Acrylic plastic, except platinum for electrodes, polycarbonate for safety cover,
polypropylene for combs, silicone rubber for dams and drain tube, neoprene rubber,
for buffer inlet and outlet stoppers
Dimensions 286mm(W)×150mm(D)×83mm(H)
Weight 1.5Kg