AE-6220 Dual Slab Chamber

AE-6220 Dual Slab Chamber is a high-resolution slab PAGE system for two gels.

High resolution separation with simple operation. One entire surface of gel sandwich is in contact with buffer for rapid heat dissipation and uniform gel temperature. It affords relatively fast, high resolution separation, while minimizing the possibility of smiling effect, distortion or diffusion of bands, without the requirement for cooling. A gel is held simply with unique pressure platen, without the use of screws or clamps, while eliminating the possibility of slippage or leakage. This chamber is transparent, has no obstructions to visibility, and provides ease of access to sample wells and observation of separation.

AE-6220 Dual Slab Chamber
AE-6220 Dual Slab Chamber
Purpose and Application
  • Protein separation & identification, determination of purity, estimation of molecular weight
  • Examination of purified product and expressed proteins
  • Determination of enzyme form
  • SDS-PAGE・nativePAGE
  • Simple specifications, so samples are easily seen during addition and it is always clean since cleaning is easy
  • Safe operation with a safety cover with lead wire without using metal clips
  • Various combs are available
  • Dual gel system
Product Number AE-6220
Product Name Dual Slab Chamber
Plate size 160 (W) x 160(L) x 10.5-12(T) mnm
Gel size 138 (W) x 130 (H)mm
For gel thickness of 0.5-2 (D) mnm
Number of gels Up to 2 gels
Plate setting With pressure platen
Temperature control Single face
Buffer volume 480 mL for upper chamber, 450 mL for lower chamber
Cover lid Safety lid with lead wires
Material Acrylic plastic and stainless steel
Dimensions 211 (W) x 196 (D) x 205 (H) mm
Weight 2.3 kg (without accessories)

*Combs and plates are not included. Please use with AE-6210 Slab Gel Cast.


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