AE-9020 E-shot II

E-shot II is available to transfer CCD camera data to PC by USB connecting.

AE-9020 E-shot II 

AE-9020 E-shot II

Purpose and Application

E-ShotⅡis available to control CCD camera of ATTO’s gel documentation system and transfer gel image data to PC by USB connecting.

When you push a Saving button, the image transfer to PC hardware automatically as TIFF file (8 to 16 bit ).

  • Available of E-shot II as a standalone device
  • Changeable shutter speed from 1/30 to 4 sec with front panel dial
  • Automatically turn off the UV illuminator by pushing FREEZE button to freeze the image.
  • Automatically save the image as a 8 bit TIFF format by pushing SAVE button
  • Display the device status with three kinds of LED lights: Power ON-OFF indicator (Green), FREEZE indicator(Red), USB flush memory indicator (Green/Red)
  • Conectable VIDEO out put terminal of compact controler to monitor and printer
  • Available to connect Windows PC
  • High speed transfer system of image data by connecting Windows PC with E-shot II by USB cable
  • Display the live image on the PC monitor in real time
  • Display autocontrast image of 14bit/16bit data
  • Save the images as 8 to 16 bit digital data
  • Controllable the FREEZE action from E-ShotⅡor software
Product Number AE-9020
Product Name  E-shot II
Connectable Camera ATTO Printgraph (Gel documentation) system Monochrome CCD Camera
Image 640×480 pixels AD convert 14bit
Connector USB2.0 with PC, video output terminal
Shutter speed 1/30 sec. – 4 sec.
Control ImageSaver5, OS:Windows 7 (64/32bit)/VISTA(64/32bit)/XP
Storage media USB flush memory ( – 32GB)
Windows PC(Connect)
File format USB flush memory: 8bitTIFF
Windows PC: 8bit JPEG、BMP、TIFF/ 14bit CCD/ 16bit TIFF
Dimensions 155(W)×155(D)×50(H) mm
Weight 0.95kg

※ PC is optional
※Monitor resolution should be over 1024×768 pixels.

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