agarGEL agarose gel for IEF

Compact (Φ7 mm x 75 mm) or Mini (Φ7 mm x 100 mm) size

agarGEL is an agarose precast gel for the isoelectric focusing (IEF) of 2D gel electrophoresis.

A-C agarGEL
A-C agarGEL
A-M agarGEL
A-M agarGEL
Purpose and Application
  • 2D gel electrophoresis of protein samples
  • an agarose gel for isoelectric focusing (the first dimension of 2D)
  • Two gel sizes are available

A-C type is for compact gel

A-M type is for mini gel

  • Ready to use
  • A plenty volume of protein samples can be applyed and separated.

A-C type is for ~150μg of protein

A-M type is for ~300μg of protein

  • Protein samples of high molecular weight (100 ~250 kDa) can also be separated.
  • Gel can be easily removed from the column after electrophoresis
  • High-voltage power source is unnecessary. OK with constant voltage 300V, 150-210 min.
  • Approximate separation pattern can be confirmed during fixation of the gel after electrophoresis
  • Two-dimensional electrophoresis is possible until after one month by at -20℃ storage
Product Number A-C310/38/58/510 A-M310/38/58/510
Product Name A-C type agarGEL A-M type agarGEL
Gel column size Φ7 mm x 75 mm, Material: glass Φ7 mm x 100 mm, Material: glass
Gel size Φ 2.5x50mm Φ 2.5x75mm
Compornent Agarose, ampholyte, urea, etc.
pH range A-C310: 3 to 10
A-C38: 3 to 8
A-C510: 5 to 10
A-C58: 5 to 8
A-M310: 3 to 10
A-M38: 3 to 8
A-M510: 5 to 10
A-M58: 5 to 8
Sample volume Recommended Maximum volume: 150μg Recommended Maximum volume: 300μg
Storage period Store at 5 to 10ºC for 5 months
Package 10 column gels/pkg

※ The second dimension gel electrophoresis of agarGEL is suitable for the gel (PAGEL) which has a flat surface gel top without sample wells.

The second dimension gel (the front view)
Top of the gels of c-PAGEL (CD7.5/10/12.5/15/520L) and e-PAGEL (E-D7.5/10/12.5/520L) are flat without wells
The second dimension gel (the side view)
Put agarGEL (yellow) on the top of the second dimension gel (gray), and seal it tightly with agarose (light grey).
Grass plate of second dimension gel is shown in light blue.