e-PAGEL mini gel (90×83 mm)

Mini size (90×83 mm).

e-PAGEL is precast polyacrylamide gels of mini size (90×83 mm) offering easy operation and efficient separation, in combination with ATTO mini polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis system.

e-PAGEL mini size precast polyacrylamide gels
e-PAGEL mini size precast polyacrylamide gels
Purpose and Application
  • Separation and detection of proteins (C type)
  • Second step of 2D electrophoresis (CD type)
  • SDS-PAGE, Native-PAGE
  • Detection of PCR products, separation of DNA
  • Screening
  • Experimental training for students or researchers
  • Mini size (90 mm x 83 mm)
  • Offer stability and reproducibility of separation
  • Glass plates with good thermal stability and uniformity employed
  • Easy to set on to the apparatus and take off the gel from the glass plate
  • Varieties of gels are available, including wide range of gel percentage, wells, gels for 2D electrophoresis also available
Product Number E-T7.5L/E-T10L/E-T12.5L/E-T15L/
Product Name e-PAGEL(R) (14 wells) e-PAGEL(R) (18 wells) e-PAGEL(R) (for 2D electrophoresis)
Usage Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis of Protein or Nucleic Acid (SDS-PAGE, native PAGE)
Glass Plate Size 120mm(W)x100mm(H)
Gel Size 90mm(W)x83mm(H), Thickness 0.75mm
Gel/Buffer Composition Polyacrylamide, Tris-HCL Buffer
Gel Percentage and
Separation Range in Molecular Weight
Product Number Gel Percentage Separation Range in Molecular Weight
Protein (Da) DNA (bp)
E-T/R/D7.5L 7.5% 35,000 – 400,000 250 – 3,000
E-T/R/D10L 10% 25,000 – 300,000 150 – 2,000
E-T/R/D12.5L 12.5% 10,000 – 250,000 70 – 1,800
E-T/R15L 15% 7,000 – 200,000 50 – 1,500
E-T/R/D520L 5 – 20% 5,000 – 400,000 50 – 3,000
E-T/R1020L 10 – 20% 5,000 – 300,000 50 – 1,800
E-T/R15S 15% 1,000 – 100,000
Sample Wells
Sample Loading Volume
14 wells (Width 4.2 mm)
Maximum Loading Volume: about 24μL/well
18 wells (Width 2.9 mm)
Maximum Loading Volume: about 15μL/well
No Well
Gel Width 75 mm (depending on the first step IEF gel length)
Transportation/ Preservation Condition Can be transported in room temperature. Should be stored in a refrigerator (Caution: NOT to be frozen)
Shelf Life 6 months when stored in a refrigerator (NOT to be frozen)
Package 10 plates per box

Note 1: Gels do NOT contain SDS. Electrophoresis with buffer solution containing 24mM Tris + 192mM Glycine + 0.1% SDS is Laemmli method, and one without SDS is Ornstein-Davis method.
Note 2: Gels for 2D is flat on top (no wells), on to which the first step IEF gel is easy to set.
Note 3: Use buffer solution containing 25mM Tris and 192mM Glycine for DNA electrophoresis.
Note 4: Use buffer solution containing 100mM Tris and 50mM Tricine and 0.1% SDS for electrophoresis with E-T15S/E-R15S.

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