Image Analysis Software CS Analyzer 3 for Windows

Analyzing electrophoresis and western blotting patterns.

Image analysis software CS Analyzer 3 (Windows)
Image analysis software  CS Analyzer 3 (Windows)
Purpose and Application
  • Analyze the signal strength and position of bands and spots on the gel and membrane
Product Summary

CS Analyzer is a versatile image analysis software for electrophoretic patterns. This software can be used not only in combination with ATTO Printgraph/E-graph gel documentation systems and LightCapture/Ez-Capture imaging system, but also with a variety of images of other sources i.e. a video camera, a image scanner, networks. It can handle various formats of images including 8 bit TIFF/BMP/JPEG or 16 bit TIFF, etc. and provides densitmetric measurement of zone/area/spot, normalization of distorted images, image conversion, and so on. CS Analyzer is included in Ez-Capture/LightCapture system.

  • Image analysis function
  • Revision of distorsion bands pattern
  • Quantitative analysis of band signal intensities
Product Name ATTO  CS Analyzer 3
OS Windows 7 (64/32bit) / Vista (64/32bit) / XP SP3
Image Input Light capture control Control ATTO’s Lightcapture
Scanner Available the scanner supported with Twain driver by plug-in (16/48bit)
Network Import the image file from Imagesaver format of Printgraph
File Formats 8bit BMP/JPEG/TIFF/IS(Printgraph:HighResolution)
10bit TIFF(Printgraph:10bit)
12bit CS file ( Lightcapture:.ccd)/TIFF(Printgraph:12bit)/
Chain file( Lightcapture:cha)
14bit CS file ( Lightcapture:.ccd)/Chain file( Lightcapture:cha)
16bit TIFF(16bit)/CS file ( Lightcapture:.ccd)/Chain file( Lightcapture:cha)
Analyzed file Data file analyzed by CS analyzer(.cna)
Quantitative Analysis Standard curve for molecular weight Make standard curve from the mobility of molecular weight marker protein
Signal intensities Digitization signal intensities of bands, peak detection, mobility (Zone densitometry)
Deduced molecular weight Calculate the molecular weight by standard curve
Calculate the relative value of protein concentration
Quantitative methods Zone densitometry・Area densitometry・Spot quantification
(Revision of lane distortion・Background ・peak area )
Scale setting Setting scale (in actual size)
Data Save Save image  8 bit image files (BMP/JPEG/TIFF)
12~16 bit image files (CCD)
16 bit image files (TIFF)
12~16 bit Chain files (cha)
Save text Quantitative analysis results and peak profile data can be exported as a text files
Save analyzed result All of analyzed data can be saved as cna file
Image Conversion Shoude color  Brightness distribution of monochrome image can be displayed in dummy color.
Contrast display adjust Contrast on monitor display can be changed freely without changing brightness data
Absorbance convert value Conversion function for measurement of an image such as CBB stained gel, in which absorbance becomes an index for density.
Change the image resolution Printing resolution is improved by doubling the number of pixels of the image(both horizontal/vertical direction). It is acceptable to change the same image multiple times (file size becomes 4 times larger each time).
Image composition Composition of luminance pattern and pre-stained marker image (image calculation/subtraction function), RGB composition function, Shading correction (reduction of unevenness of white transilluminator), etc.
Full scale printing  Printing magnification is adjusted automatically so that the set scale becomes full scale.

※:Software specification is updated on Sep. 2009
※:CS Analyzer is dedicated to Windows 7/Vista/XP SP3

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