WSC-2610 MyMiniBLOCK

WSC-2610 MyMiniBLOCK is a microprocessor-controlled product using advanced thermoelectric technology.

WSC-2610 MyMiniBLOCK is a microprocessor-controlled product using advanced thermoelectric technology. With this technique, more stable and accurate up to 100 o C temperature control is achieved.

In compact body, very various use such as sample preparation of electrophoresis, DNA/RNA denature and reaction, trans-information of E. coli, etc. can be applied.

Heat Dry Bath 

WSC-2610 MyMiniBLOCK

Purpose and Application

Preparation of sample for Electrophoresis

Reaction or Denaturation of DNA/RNA

Transformation of E. coli

Reaction of enzymes

  • Compact size
  • Save working space (120mm x 152mm x 112mm)
  • Useful equipment for various lab works
  • Heating up to100 o C in high accuracy
  • High heating speed
  • Programmable up to 9 files
  • Avaliable to set by 2 steps temperature control of each files
  • Various selection of heating blocks
Model WSC-2610
Temp. setting RT +5 o C to 100 o C
Timer 0  to 999 (min. or sec.)
Program 9 files in 2 steps
Setting accuracy ≦± 0.5 o C(Temp. of a liquid in 1.5mL tube)
Temp display accuracy 0.1 o C
Heating time ≦ 15min. (20 o C →100 o C)
Power DC24V, 40W
Dimesions & Weight 152(L)×120(W)×112(H)mm, 0.85kg(Main body)
Selectable blocks 7 types

Selectable blocks


 Applicable model  Blocks Code
 WSC-2610 MyMiniBLOCK  A Block for 40pcs x 0.2mL Microtubes 4002640
 B Block for 24pcsx 0.5mL Microtubes 4002641
 C Block for 15pcsx 1.5mL Microtubes 4002642
 D Block for 15pcs x 2.0mL Microtubes 4002643
 E Block for 8×12.5×12.5x32mm  Cuvette 4002644
 F Block for 4pcsx 15mL Centrifuge   tube 4002645
 G Block for 2pcs x 50mL Centrifuge tube 4002646

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