WSC-2620 PowerBLOCK

WSC-2620 PowerBLOCK is able to reach set-temperature in mins.

It can reach to the target temperature in about 7min, you can easily use it with different temperature just after using with previously set temperature.

Wide and stably accurate temperature setting is from –10 to 100 o C. It can be used for very wide applications and used in different temperature settings continuously.

Cool & Heat Dry Bath 

WSC-2620 PowerBLOCK

Purpose and Application

Preparation of sample for Electrophoresis

Reaction or Denaturation of DNA/RNA

Transformation of E. coli

Reaction of enzymes

  • Reach to the target temperature in about 7 min(RT→80 o C)
  • Temperature control range is from below 0 o C to 100 o C
  • High temperature control speed
  • Superior temperature control accuracy
  • Programmable up to 5 files
  • Available to connect programmed files
  • Various selection of blocks
Model WSC-2620 PowerBLOCK
Temp. setting -10 o C to 100 o C (-10 o C setting is only available when RT is lower than 25 o C)
Timer 1min. to 99h 59min.
Program 5 files, file connection is available
Setting accuracy ≦± 0.5 o C (Temp. of a liquid in 1.5mL tube)
Temp. display accuracy 0.1 o C
Heating time ≦ 15min. (20 o C → 100 o C)
Cooling time ≦ 25min. (20 o C → -5 o C) when RT is lower than 30℃
≦ 30min. (20 o C → -10 o C) when RT is lower than 25℃
Power AC120V 50/60Hz or AC220V 50/60Hz, 200W
Dimension & Weight 300(L)×212(W)×180(H)mm, 5kg(Main body)
Selectable blocks 12 Types

Selectable blocks


Applicable model  Blocks Code
 WSC-2620/30   Power     BLOCK (Shaker)  A    Block for 96pcsx 0.2mL Microtubes 4002650
 B Block for 54pcsx 0.5mL Microtubes 4002651
 C Block for 35pcsx 1.5mL Microtubes 4002652
 D Block for 35pcsx 2.0mL Microtubes 4002653
 E Block for 15pcsx 0.5mL Microtubes 4002654
     + 20pcsx 1.5mL Microtubes
 F Block for 24pcs x φ12mm Centrifuge tube 4002655
 G Block for 12pcsx 15mL Centrifuge   tube 4002656
 H Block for 6pcsx 50mL Centrifuge   tube 4002657
 I Block for 103x67x30mm Water bath 4002658
 J Block for 96 well plate 4002659
 K Block for 24pcsx 5mL Centrifuge   tube 4002660
 L Block for 96 deep-well plate 4002661

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