WSE-1100 mPAGE (pageRun-R)

WSE-1100 mPAGE (pageRun-R) is a high-resolution mini PAGE system with a built-in power supply.
[Successor of AE-6531]

WSE-1100 mPAGE (pageRun-R) does not need for a separate power supply unit any more. You only have to connect it to an electric source and run. High resolution separation of protein and nucleic acid in 2 gels of 90 x 80 x 1mm mini-slab size. Simplified routines for ensured reliable operation. Minimized smiling with efficient heat dissipation. Sideways current leak eliminated to avoid outward spreading of bands. Leak of buffer solution is also eliminated. Unique design for easy but ensured setting of gels. Offered in a convenient package, ready to cast and run 2 gels of 1 mm thickness and 12 wells.

Mini-gel electrophoresis system with built-in power supply
WSE-1100 mPAGE (pageRun-R)
Purpose and Application
  • Separation of Protein, purity determination, estimation of purified product and expressed protein
  • Screening, Protein or Nucleic Acid electrophoresis for entry-level experiment and students
  • Clear electrophoresis patterns can be easily obtained by anyone without failure
  • Optimized electricity conditions are preset
  • Reduce working space
  • With a polarity auto-switching feature, the lower electrode is always + regardless of the direction in which the power source is connected
  • Simple loading just by placing the electrophoresis plate on the plate holder, matching it with the electrophoresis chamber (the upper chamber), and pushing it in with a click
  • Prevent leakage of buffer solution with flexible material in a special wave shape; electrophoresis plate and gel are firmly retained
  • Temperature is controlled for the electrophoresis plate and gel from both sides with buffer solution and smiling is reduced
Product Number WSE-1100M WSE-1100P
Product Name mPAGE (for hand-made gel) mPAGE (for precast gel)
Plate size 90 (W) x 102(L) x 7 (D) mnm 90 (W) x 102(L) x 5 (D) mnm
Gel size 90 (W) x 80 (H) x 1 (D) mnm 90 (W) x 83 (H) x 1 (D) mnm
Number of gels Up to 2gels
Plate setting One-touch sealing
Buffer volume 80 mL for upper chamber, 420 mL for lower chamber
Material Casting of power supply module:
Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene(ABS) resin, polycarbonate
Chamber: Acrylic plastic and silicone
Comb: Poly vinyl chloride(PVC); Plates: Glass
Integrated power supply
Mode 4 preset modes for constant current, for Tris-Gly/PAGEL gel 1pc(21mA) or 2pcs(42mA)/ TBE gel 1pc(10.5mA) or 2pcs(21mA)
330 Volt. Coross-over function, timer, alarm and eco-mode.
(Time and current are already programmed)
Protection Open and short circuit detection
Alarm Timed up, open/short
Power requirement AC100-240V 50/60Hz 50VA
Dimensions 164 (W) x 94 (D) x 193 (H) mm
Weight 0.74 kg (without accessories)

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