WSE-1710 Submerge-Mini

Voltage setting of integrated power supply is changeable to 50V,100V and 150V by simple operation.

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With tray        /       Without tray
Purpose and Application

Agarose gel electrophoresis system for DNA
Analysis of PCR-amplified fragments
Separation of nucleic acids


★ Hi-Speed(High voltage150V) electrophoresis available、alarm timer function★

  • 50V, 100V, 150V, constant voltage
  • Timer setting 0~99 min
    (0min:Free、time finishing with alarmed)
  • Safety: open cover error with alarmed.
    (LED shows E1 with alarmed)
  • buffer approx 200 m L
  • Gel tray L size 2pcs、S size 4pcs
  • UV transparent gel tray
  • Combs for muti-channel pipet
  • 3mm、5.8mm double edged comb
Model WSE-1710 Submerge-Mini
Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System Submerge type, Horizontal
Gel tray size S:54mm(W)×60mm(L) 、L:110mm(W)×60mm(L) 
Sample comb Well 3mm/5.8mm double edged comb、1mm tickness、mutil-pipet applicable
S:9well×2 /5well×2 、L:22well/12well
Buffer solution 200~230mL
Power Input AC100~120V  50/60Hz
Output DC50V / DC100V / DC150V   40W
Timer 1~99min(0min:free)、shows left time
Display LED (Hour, min、shows Ed(End Time)、Cover open error E1)
Safety Open cover error (E1 displayed with alarmed)
Product Size 190mm(W)x130mm(D)x60mm(H)  0.45kg