WSE-3500 powerStation HC

Electrophoresis use power supply of large current specification.
Successor of AE-8300

WSE-3500 powerStation HCWSE-3500 powerStation HC

Purpose and Application

For wet blotting, semi-dry blotting, electricophoresis destaining device.

  • Fully programmable setting module: 21 files of free mode, 10 files of chain mode
  • Pre-settings for output condition of general use (electrophoresis)
  • Setting and storage of original output condition in memory
  • Big sized dial-knob
  • Safety function and highly reliable accuracy
  • Affordable price
  • Clear display and LED x 2
Product Number WSE-3500
Product Name PowerStation HC
Output range 5 – 150V  (display 0 -) (Maximum 200W)
0 – 3A (display 0 -) (Maximum 200W)
0 – 200W (display 0 – )
Setting steps 5 or 10 – 150V 1V Steps
0.01 – 3A 10mA Steps
1 – 200W 1W Steps
Display 4 digit LED x 1
Timer 1 – 999min、continuous 1min with timer
Control Function Constant voltage or current with automatic crossover
Display 7seg LED3 x 2
Setting Turning dial
External Control None
Alams Press keys, Errors End of loading
Power Below 10 – 50V ±1.5V against Setting value
Current 51V – 150V ±3%+5digits against Setting value
Voltage 151V – 1000V ±2%+5digits against Setting value
Power ±(0.2% of rdg+5digits)
Current ±(0.5% of rdg+5digits)
Voltage ±(0.5% of rdg+5digits)
Preset 29 files P01 – P29
Free 21 files U00 – U20, 10 files C01 – C10(chain files)
Output shutdown Er0
Ground leak Er1
Open Error Er3
Arc discharge Er4
Input power  Error Over 265V Er7
Fan Error Fan trouble Er8
Internal heat sensor Exceeding of internal heat Er9
Blackout protection Automatic recall of previous status of blackout after power restoration
Cooling method Air cooling by internal fan
Environment Temperature 0°C – +40°C
Humidity 20 – 90%RH without condensation
Consumption power Below 300W
Regulatory Japan Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law(PSE)
Material ABS
Power AC85 – 264V, Frequency 47 – 66Hz
Dimension 96(W)x325(D)x195(H)mm
Weight 2.2kg

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