WSE-4110 PoweredBLOT-One

WSE-4110 PoweredBLOT-One is a semi-dry transfer system with built-in power supply for western blotting

Rapid Semi-Dry Blotter with Power Supply
WSE-4110 PoweredBLOT-OneCBB staining of the blot after transferring of proteins with rapid mode

Purpose and Application
  • Semi-dry blotting for transferring of proteins from single compact gel (6 x 6 cm) or mini gel (8 x 9 cm) (Western blotting)
  • Semi-dry blotting of DNA (Southern blotting)
  • Built-in power supply compatible with the fast blotting for single mini gel(8 x 9cm).
  • Palm size, compact space.
  • Uniform transfer efficiency & Prevent protein band drifts
  • Two programmed and two manual  transfer modes can be selected.
          Programmed modes
    Standard mode: Constant voltage, 12 V, 60 min
    Rapid mode: Constant voltage, 24 V, 10 min
  • Accurate setting can be done easily by anyone with just 3 steps: 1. Load the filter paper, membrane, and gel and close the lid; 2. Turn the knob of the power source and select the mode; 3. Press the output switch.
Product Number WSE-4110
Product Name PoweredBlot One
Maximum gel size 8.5 x 9.0cm
Electrode plate Anode: Platinized titanium
Cathode: Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
Transfer time 8min, 8-60 min
Transfer condition 12V/24V CV
Output voltage/current 12V/24V, 0.5A
Display Digital display, alarm, light LED
Timer 1-120min
Operation Keypad, Dial
Program Preset: 2 files
Safety device Short circuit detection, noload detection
Power 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension 170 (W) x 107 (D) x 120 (H) mm
Weight 0.77kg