WSE-5200 Printgraph 2M

WSE-5200 Printgraph 2M is a gel imaging system with a high resolution CCD camera and a touch control panel .

Printgraph 2M is a simple operation and user-friendly to capture, preview and save fluorescent (SYBR, EtBr) and colorimetric (CBB) gel images with touch control panel. Tricolor RGB light source is available to take images in various fluorescent dye.

Gel imaging system with a high resolution CCD camera and a touch control panel 

WSE-5200 Printgraph 2M

Purpose and Application
  • EtBr and SYBR Green/Safe gel imaging with equipped UV transilluminator
  • CBB and Silver staining gels with epi-white LED
  • Various fluorescent imaging with RGB light source (WSE-5200RGB)
  • Print out graphic images with high resolution digital printer
  • Saving image data to internal memory and USB flash drive
  • Transferring image data to tablet PC and other device through Wireless LAN


・Touch control panel
Simple operation, and user-friendly design
・RGB Light source (Tricolor switching)
Available to various fluorescent imaging (WSE-5200RGB)


・Wireless network 
Control of the operation from tablet PC, smart phone, and PC by a remote control.
Product Number WSE-5200 WSE-5200RGB
Product Name Printgraph 2M
 Camera Monochrome CCD camera
 Resolution 1600 × 1200
 Pixel size 4.65 μm×4.65 μm
 Pixel density (Greyscale) 12 bit (4096 levels)
 Lens 6× zoom lens
 Monitor 8 inch LCD Touch screen
 Filter 6 positions, motorized
(Primary; 595 nm)
6 positions, motorized
(primary; 595, 535, 665 nm)
 Maximum Image Area 200×160 mm
 Data Saving 16 bit TIFF, 8 bit TIFF, BMP, JPEG
 shutter speed 5 msec-10 sec
 Epi-white LED Yes
 RGB Light source Tricolor
 Printer Option(SONY UP-D897) Option(SONY UP-D897)
 Saturated data detection White levels
 Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b/g/n
 Interface USB:2 ports /LAN:1 port
 Dimension 305(W)×615(H)×430(D) 305(W)×615(H)×430(D)
 Weight 29 kg 32 kg
 Power AC 100V-240V

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