WSE-6100 LuminoGraph

WSE-6100 LuminoGraph. High Performance Megapixel Cooled CCD camera. Applicable for Western blotting, Northern blotting, and Southern blotting.

Chemiluminescent Imaging System
Image analysis software
It may add other optional equipments which is available for taking fluorescent gel image and improve the functions of this system.
Purpose and Application
  • Chemiluminescence imaging of Western blotting, Southern blotting and Northern blotting
Western image
  • Fluorescent imaging of fluorescent staining gels and fluorescent proteins (optional)
AgaroseGel image
  • Bright field imaging of CBB staining gels (optional)
  • Quantitative analysis of samples from the image (Concentration and Molecular weight)
  • Merge image of chemiluminescent image and prestained marker of membrane image
Product Summary
  • WSE-6100H LuminoGraph: 1.4 mega pixels, -30°C CCD camera, F0.95 high sensitive lens
  • WSE-6100Z LuminoGraph: 1.4 mega pixels, -30°C CCD camera, F1.2 zoom lens
  • Control software ” ImageSaver 6″ (for Windows 8/7/Vista) is included
  • Image analysis software “CS Analyzer” (for Windows 8/7/Vista) is optional
    →Quantitative analysis and culculation of molecular weight function
    →Merge image of luminescent image and colored image
    →Zoom function of 2 images simultaneously up to 200%
    →Image analysis for images captured with Ez-Capture series, Printgraph series and E-Graph
    →Image analysis for images captured with digital camera and scanner
  • Fluorescent imaging system・・・optional
    →UV transilluminator (312nm)
    →Filters (YA-3:560nm LP /OY:540nm LP)
  • White illuminator “FlatViewer”・・・optional
  • Filter for bright field imaging “ND-0.1″・・・optional
  • LED illuminator for fluorescent imaging “VISIRAYS-B”・・・optional
    →Blue LED light source
    →optional filter “SCF515” is suitable to capture the fluorescent image
    →Available for GFP・SYBR Green/Safe・SYPRO Ruby・Flamingo Gel Stain・Gel Green images
  • AutoExposure
    → The suitable exposure time is automatically calculated and images are photographed and saved.
  • 16bit TIFF format
    →general imaging file format
    →convertable to JPEG and 8bit TIFF
  • Autocontrast・Inverse image
    →Control software and image analysis software is available for autocontrast and inverse image functions
  • 1.4 mega pixels high sensitive cooled CCD camera enables high resolution and sensitivity
  • F0.95 high sensitive lens (WSE-6100H) has a function for flat field calibration
  • F1.2 zoom lens (WSE-6100Z) can be used to capture the images of small to large gels
Product Number WSE-6100H/ H-CS WSE-6100Z/ Z-CS
Product Name LuminoGraph
Camera 1.4 mega pixels cooled CCD camera (-30°C)  1392 × 1040  pixels
Lens F0.95 25mm  lens F1.2 12.5-75mm  zoom lens
Surface size 100 × 75 ~ 145 × 105 mm Max 220 × 165 mm
File format 16bitTIFF/16bitCCD (Convert toJPEG, 8 bit TIFF and BMP)
Suported OS Windows 8/7(64/32bit) / Vista(64/32bit) / XP SP3 (ImageSaver5/CS Analyzer3)
Power AC100V-240V ± 10V
Dimensions 325(W) × 304(D) × 595(H) mm
Weight 20.0kg

LuminoGraph series

Product Number WSE-6100H WSE-6100H-CS WSE-6100Z WSE-6100Z-CS
Cooled CCD camera (1.4 mega pixels)
F0.95  high sensitive lens
F1.2 zoom lens
Control sofware
Image Saver 6
image analysis software
CS Analyzer

■Optional equipment

  • Fluorescent image system (UV transilluminetor, filters)
  • Gel tray S(UV transparent acryl gel tray)
  • White light source, FlatViewer
  • Bright field imaging filter, ND-0.1
  • Fluorescent excitation light source LED, VISIRAYS-B
  • Filter for VISIRAYS-B, SCF515
  • Digital printer, UP-D897MD
  • 13000 €
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