WSE-7010 EzLabel FluoroNeo

WSE-7010 EzLabel FluoroNeo is a kit for SDS sample preparation and simultaneously for fluorescent labeling of protein and polypeptide.

A brief video guide below shows experimental flow from sample preparation, SDS-PAGE to fluorescent detection using EzLabel FluoroNeo.

WSE-7010 EzLabel FluoroNeo WSE-7010 EzLabel FluoroNeo


Electrophoresed pattern with EzLabel FluoroNeo

Purpose and Application

☆ Visualization of electrophoresis pattern with stain FREE

  • Protein sample preparation for SDS-PAGE
  • Fluorescent labeling for protein and polypeptide
  • Protein electrophoresis (1D, 2D-PAGE)
  • Immunoprecipitation ,,,etc.
Product Summary

Fluorescent labeling reaction completed in only 3 min

Amine group of protein is labeled in 3 min of reaction after mixing with EzLabel FluoroNeo.
EzLabel FluoroNeo is capable to use as a substitute for SDS-PAGE sample buffer and available for fluorescent protein labeling simultaneous with sample preparation.
Samples can be started to electrophoresis immediately after labeling reaction without column purification.

Immediate detection after electrophoresis

The electrophoresed pattern visualize immediately after electrophoresis without staining/destaining.
Protein bands emits 530 nm fluorescence by UV or Blue LED excitation light.
The excitation with BlueLED is enabled to detect proteins with high sensitivity as silver staining (observable the gel without removing gel plate holder).

Available for conventional experimental methods

Hardly to detect any differences in protein band mobility after labeling reaction.
The observed gel can proceed to western blotting as usual.
After blotting, transferred proteins on membrane can be detected by excitation light.


✔ Immediate visualization protein bands after electrophoresis
Protein fluorescence is emitted by BlueLED or UV excitation light
[Ex: 330 (UV), 470 nm, Em: 530 nm]

✔ Stain FREE
Saving time
Unnecessary for liquid waste disporsal

✔ Hardly to detect any differences in protein band mobility

✔ Observable the gel with Blue LED without removing glass plate gel holder

✔ Observed gel is available for western blotting and protein fluorescence is kept after transfer on membrane

✔ Observed gel is available for CBB staining and silver staining

✔ Kit includes RIPA Lysis Buffer (free amine buffer), MW marker

Product Number WSE-7010
Product Name EzLabel FluoroNeo
  1. Sample Buffer(5x):12mL
  2. Labeling reagent: 10 mg
  3. Reducing agent (DTT): 300 mg
  4. MW marker: 200 μL
  5. RIPA Lysis buffer: 10 mL
 Storage period for 1 year at -20℃
 Package 2000 samples (20μL of one sample)

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